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Seaport-E National Capital Zone Quality Assurance Description

Systems Management Technology, Inc. (SMT) has been providing Program Management, Logistics, Engineering, and Training consulting services to The Department of Defense since 1987. SMT specializes in Manpower, Personnel and Training (MPT). This specialization extends to providing program management, logistics, and engineering services for training devices, technical training equipment and curriculum associated with the parent weapon systems.

SMT uses a flexible management style, but most often employs management by objectives. This management style seeks to create empowered employees who have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, who comprehend the objectives to be achieved, and help in the achievement of organizational and personal goals.

SMT cultivates a participative environment that includes plan of objectives and milestones (POA&M) development. SMT management personnel communicate frequently with employees to tracks progress against objectives. During regular internal reviews, SMT management personnel provide feedback to employees on what they have observed and measured.

SMT strives to develop partnerships with its clients. The relationship serves to reduce cost because it ensures good communication and discussion, constant tracking of objectives, and methods of measurement and feedback.

Performance-based Contracting

Management by objectives is a natural fit to performance based contracting. Both share clarity of goals in that they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. SMT works with the Government to implement performance based task orders. Specifically, SMT develops POA&Ms in response to task orders that achieve the Government’s the desired outcome while using innovation, business process improvement, and technology to provide best value.

Roles and Responsibilities

Task Order Acceptance. Only the President or Vice President can accept task orders. They assign a Project Manager and coordinate a task order review with them prior to accepting the task order. If subcontracting is deemed necessary, proper justification and other required documentation are prepared prior to acceptance. The Project Manager identifies/proposes a team and other resources to complete the task order.

Task Order Management. After a task order has been accepted, the assigned Project Manager and the project team draft a POA&M. The Project Manager monitors the POA&M throughout the life of the task order and reports status to the President/Vice President and Government client as required. The Project Manager monitors:

  • Labor category expenditures and compares budget to actual
  • Computed labor category burn rates and compares budget to actual
  • Other Direct Charge (ODC) expenditures and compares budget to actual
  • Schedule and update estimates to complete
  • Technical progress and assesses capability to complete

Performance improvement resides with the Project Manager, as well as direct client interaction. The Project Manager is the single customer service representative to the client unless the President/Vice President or Government client deem the the responsiveness unsatisfactory.

Task OrdersQA DescriptionCustomer Satisfaction