Systems Management Technology, Inc. (SMT) is a privately held, small, minority-owned business  specializing in the management, development, implementation and evaluation of training programs, systems, and equipment; managed Information Technology (IT) support; web site design and hosting; and multimedia productions.

SMT is a Delaware corporation, incorporated in September 1987. SMT maintains its headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia with a satellite office in Pensacola, Florida.

SMT personnel include training management specialists, instructional systems developers, multimedia producers, military certified instructors, training analysts, professional (licensed)engineers, chemists, engineers, and computer graphics specialists.  Our employees hold undergraduate degrees in engineering, chemistry and foreign affairs, in addition to Master’s degrees in engineering, visual information technologies and film.

Working in all fifty states of the U.S., SMT continually strives to integrate the latest technology into the training and acquisition management community wherever it is applicable and most cost-effective.  SMT manages the development of new training and management systems with the experience and lessons learned from prior system acquisition programs.  Our motto is

Quality Service and Solutions.”

Our Mission

SMT’s mission is to exceed customer expectations while remaining price sensitive, without sacrificing quality.

To accomplish this mission, SMT will:

Provide quality service and innovative solutions for your Training, Logistics, Engineering, and IT support needs.

Integrate the latest technology into our clients’ products where it is applicable and most cost-effective, while managing the development of the solution with the experience and lessons learned from prior projects.

Uphold our customer partnerships to the highest standards by being knowledgeable of our customers’ missions and always providing added value to our customers’ performance.

Our Vision

SMT’s vision is to lead the marketplace in the production of quality training, logistics, engineering, and IT solutions.

We are a growing small business of professionals who value integrity, excellence and innovation, and who are working to satisfy the most important concerns of our customers.

SMT is committed to diversity, teamwork, respect and loyalty.  We display courtesy and respect to customers, fellow contractors and employees.